Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Lost Someone I love

    That was the worst. 
    Yesterday, when I was sleeping in my room I heard my grandpa said something that opened my eyes. My aunt's best friend, close enough to make me knew her well, passed away. Yup. PASSED AWAY. After hearing that, I ran to my mum and asked about what exactly happened. My mum said with teary eyes that yes, she had passed away. I never had an experience like that before, so I began to cry with my mum by my side. 
    FYI, my aunt's best friend was this woman named Endang Saraswati. She was so kind to everybody, therefore she had many friends she left. I love her, so does everybody. In her life time she always made everybody laughed, help each other with all she had. She gave me so many cool books that I'd never think I could get. But it's not because of that I love her. Because she did it to everybody.
   Recently she was sick because of something that made her experienced surgery. I don't know exactly what kind of surgery it is. I didn't come to her funeral but I was pretty sure people who came would be absolutely sad. From her parents, her friends, her nieces, even her maids. 
   This experience made me remembered a song that some of you have been asking for : Blindswitch--Never Said Goodbye. That song means so much for me, especially on this condition. 
   Okay I think this all for now. For my dearest Bude Endang, you spent your life time beautifully :)


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